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Come on, Come Talk to Me

“I can imagine the momentBreaking out through the silenceAll the things that we both might sayAnd the heart, it will not be deniedUntil we’re both on the same damn sideAll the barriers blown away” COME with me, one Wednesday. Start a brand new day. COME show me the way. “In this swirling, curling storm ofContinue reading “Come on, Come Talk to Me”

Book Review: The Overstory

By Richard Powers Winner of the Pultzer Prize for fiction in 2019, this is a book about catastrophe, in myriad forms, from personal to global and how they are linked. And how trees can help us withstand, overcome and hopefully avoid catastrophe. But it’s not very hopeful, to be honest. Human progress has destroyed ourContinue reading “Book Review: The Overstory”

I Tried

So hard. I believe that. Two years of hope and struggle against the odds. But she was is too hurt. The fights, just kept coming. And tonight, punches. She hit me, a lot, and the last shot was right in the mouth. A hard slap, right in the face, across my jaw and mouth. IContinue reading “I Tried”

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