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All Those Yesterdays

I haven’t touched the guitar in a couple weeks, but wanted to play today, and thought I’d share this awful improvisation to show my appreciation for all those yesterdays. As fucked up as they were sometimes, I wouldn’t be who I am today without all those yesterdays. And of course, all those yesterdays start addingContinue reading “All Those Yesterdays”

Book Review: Great House

By Nicole Krauss From the back cover: “A heartbreaking meditation on loss and memory and how they construct our lives.” I’m full of loss and memory. When my parents divorced my dad went to live with his friend Bruce, sleeping on a futon in the basement. Bruce was a very eccentric hippy who had inheritedContinue reading “Book Review: Great House”

The Undertow

I. The tides of time, truth and lies. Deep sea discoveries. Hand in hand. The rising and falling shoreline. Castles turn to sand. The currents. The drifting. Uplifting. Twisting and turning, tangled up in clear blue skies, waves, tides and currents. Deep blue pools. Sun, salt, summer, sky, sea, swim, shore, sand, seismic shift sentContinue reading “The Undertow”

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