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I knew I would feel like this.I felt I would knowThings should have been betterThan thisMy perception thenIs reality nowYou can’t lose Something you never had No matter how closeYou cameTo have and to holdTill death do us partI could feel it comingBeyond the sensesThis feeling of lossHopeless desireBehind a windowClear but you can’t seeInContinue reading “Clairvoyant”

Saturday Night Date Night

I haven’t been out on a date with my wife in so long that I sincerely can’t remember. Years. For several legitimate reasons, my wife doesn’t like me very much. It’s a broken marriage and we live together for the kids, and it’s mostly terrible. But my mom is here visiting, and it was herContinue reading “Saturday Night Date Night”

New E.V.

Amazing, but true. Just when I needed it most, my favorite musician, Eddie Vedder has announced that he has a new solo album coming out soon and released a new song. It’s a very mainstream sounding pop rock song that reminds me alot of Tom Petty and even more of alot of things I writeContinue reading “New E.V.”

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