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The Depression

I found this extremely interesting: There’s a box in the bottom of a closet. I found myself digging through it on Friday, searching for a poem about a scarf that I had written a year ago. It was a good poem, I thought, and made me think I might try to write more. That’s whenContinue reading “The Depression”

The Divorce

The decision. The difficult decision. The dissolution of the family unit. My parents divorced when I was just about to turn ten. I don’t think much about the psychological effects it had on me, except to acknowledge that it had psychological effects on me. I don’t want to blame my behaviour on my parents, butContinue reading “The Divorce”

The Desire

To love and be loved. The desire to unite. To be with someone to talk, touch, feel, share, be. Give and receive. Come talk to me. Cuppio disolivi. Dissolve in decadence and destruction. Self-destruct. But, God, the consequence. The destruction caused by desire. Was the desire to destruct? The deepest dive into my desire forContinue reading “The Desire”

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