In the forest

in the rain walking through the forest
these are the trees I see
the tallest fir tree in the world outside the bedroom window
of the little boy on Boxwood Ave
the three palm trees I named after my children for some silly reason
seen from the sunny balcony above the pool
the gloomy swamp trees covered in Spanish moss along the Peace River in Florida where I almost drowned
the vibrant green palm trees being blown sideways in a torrential tropical storm seen from that beachfront villa
in Treasure Beach Jamaica
wondering where my sister could be
the massive giant redwoods on the north california coast
in the picture I look like a child
on a mountain bike in Utah ripping around a corner and there
on the trail under the canopy of a giant i don't know what tree
was a giant bird or buzzard bigger than my bike
sitting on a rock on the side of Red Mountain in Manitou Springs
first hearing and then seeing the wind roar through the valley below like a train as the trees shook and bent
and the wet heavy snow blew off the branches
the white bark and golden leaves of the aspen trees
along a river i fished in Vail
the strange trees in the Valencia riverbed with huge thorns
on the trunk and that tree in Viveros where we laid in the grass
the pink purple flowers of the arbol de amor on our street
the lone twisted olive tree in the middle of a vineyard i just passed
in the rain walking through the forest

My thoughts of trees and forests also brought this Greek myth to mind.

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