Take Me Down Bittersweetly

The worst kind of heartbreak won’t leave you alone.

I recorded this before, as a tribute to my dear friend, BoJack Horseman. But now that I have an electric guitar to play with, I thought I’d give it another go. It’s a beautiful, sad song. Some might say “bittersweet”. Which reminds me of a story. In August of 2018 I was in the U.S.ofFn’A with my family, but even better, in a Walmart, and while my wife shopped for cheap bathing suits with the kids, I wandered around and found myself opening up a bunch of “Back to School” Crayola crayon boxes and pocketing the Bittersweet crayon, because…right…because…, it seemed really important at the time. I see myself from above, like watching from a security camara, surreptiously opening up a box of crayons to take just that one, and can’t help but wonder why I did those things. I once got caught trying to steal two Pearl Jam CD’s from the FNAC on Champs Elysees. A security guy wrestled me into a back office and they took my passport and credit cards and made things VERY uncomfortable, but I KNOW why I was stealing those CD’s. For myself. And I was broke. But stealing a crayon? Or a piece of cake? Or a butterfly bookmark? Or a book? Why did I steal those things? Does it matter? Somewhere in the world there is someone who will lie, cheat and steal for you. Don’t ever forget that.

Bittersweet. I was at this concert in 1995…a very Colorado band in the most Colorado venue…I saw lots of shows at Red Rocks, including Pearl Jam two nights in a row a few weeks after this BHTM show…good times, dude…good times.

Bittersweet memories of bittersweet stealing bittersweet songs bitterweet places and bittersweet crayons.

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