Brain Pickings: A Recommendation

I have received the newsletter from this site for many years. If you have a moment, click around and discover some very deep articles and insights about love, life, philosophy and the art and emotion of poetry and painting and writing and reading and so many other interesting topics to pick your brain. Topics I write about often here in this journal, but not with the literary support and authority found at Brain Pickings. It’s funny to me sometimes to reach some breakthrough in my own thinking of my self and love and squalor and how to get out of bed and through the day…and then find the words to express it…words to express my feelings…and then discover that the same thing has been said before, and much better, by someone like Rilke. This website, Brain Pickings, is full of things like this. I do wish I could share these thoughts and ideas of my own and those of famous thinkers like Rilke or Eddie Vedder or Leonard Cohen or W.H. Auden, etc….with someone who might understand, but that someone is out of my orbit…so I write these thoughts here. So, to my future self, the only one I think who ever might read this…the above link leads to a Brain Picking article that I remember reading exactly three years ago that is still sadly relevant today.

Mr. Cohen sang Hey, THAT’s no way to say goodbye. (He seems to want everyone to be happy about it). Mr. Rilke has some advice on how to do it quickly and coldly, in my opinion, but with hope for a future. Mr. Vedder said, “Say ‘see you later’, don’t say goodbye, just a little trick I play, on my own mind.”

I have my own ideas about how we should say goodbye, (“bye for now”) that have been informed by Mr. Malcom and Barret, but all are very flawed in their own way. I think it all depends on the wishes, desires and hearts of the people involved. Everything is easier said than done. All you need is love. Love is all you need. Be well.

P. S. – Ranier Rilke and Pearl Jam links in the same post. All these thoughts spinning, fluttering around my head… Like butterflies they arrive…on a bicycle with a guitar on her back.

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