We Fought About Money

And that's when I knew
It was time to go

She'd never forgive it
I will forever owe

A fight about money
But so much more

She just doesn't like me
I slammed the door

Tried so hard, so long
With my son by my side

To not enter the tempest
Give fuel to her fire

But, God, she's so angry
So much venom inside

I deserve every word
For the things that I hide

Every slanted assumption
To put me in the black

Every cruel accusation
She'll never take back

I shouted, not in defense
Just stop, stop, STOP

My son left the room
A daughter came out

Please, don't fight
"That's what I'm SAYing"

But still it goes on
Bottomless hatred

So I left the house
Walked and found a rock

Sat listening to silence
Trying to figure things out

I don't know what happened
How it started or why

But I remember leaving work
Thinking of goodbyes

Searching for lost love
Hopes left on street corners

Is that why I'm here now
Sleepless on this sofa?

It wasn't my fault, sincerely,
This fight about money

It wasn't about others
Hearts or infidelity

It was just another night
Slamming doors and kid's tears

It's happened before
For years and years and years

And years before
There were these other ideas

Of who I should be
Could I overcome fears

With or without you
I need to be me

If I take off this mask
Take three steps

To where you stand
With that look on your face

And ask, again,
Will you come with me?

What would you say?

These are things
I dare not think about

On the sofa
at 1am Saturday morning

On the night
We fought about money

On the evening
I stood on the street corner

And reluctantly walked away

Who paid for that bike?
The place that it's parked?

Do you fight about money?
Do you want to start?

How much would we need
To never fight again?

To be together with our books
Our story with no end?

I could go on like this forever
This poem, these broken nights

While you sleep
Securely, in your bed, warm, satisfied?

Who bought that bed?
Who paid the price?

Don't fight about money
Fight for your life

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