Walking in Your Footsteps

Sunset on a Sunday. No better time to play. Soon the realities of Monday will creep into my thoughts. This song is inspired by two singers who I’m almost embarrassed to say I like…Sting and Peter Gabriel. Listening to Peter Gabriel’s Come Talk to Me last week got me thinking of how he was doing Radiohead before Radiohead, using technology to make music. And I had been thinking about Sting recently because of his work to protect the Amazon rainforest. For all his hubris and ego, he tried. And his foundation is still around, fighting against the odds.

Here’s Sting singing Walking in Your Footsteps. What a voice.

Sychronicity was the first album I bought with my own money. And I bought the album. A vinyl record. I had all of the Police records, but Sychronicity was their massive success, and it’s still a great album. With one breath…

Obviously, my version is very…different…to the Police version. First of all, no one can sing like Sting. And I changed one lyric…where he sang, “If we explode the atom bomb…” in a very early 1980s sentiment, I’ve sang, “If we cut all the forests down…” and I don’t think Sting will mind.

I really do wish I could sing…or sing with someone who has a sweeter voice. I enjoyed everything about making this song, and then I can’t listen to it, because my voice is so awful. If there is anyone out there who would like to sing with a Sting/Peter Gabriel/Radiohead/Eddie Vedder wannabe…come talk to me.

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