To the Mental Degenerate who Stole my Car Mats

I was washing my car with my son. Using the water gun. I took the rubber floor mats out and washed them, too, then left them on the ground just outside the corrugated iron shelter of this water gun car wash. Then, when we finished with the washing, I moved my car to where the vacuum cleaner machine is, and we started cleaning the inside of the car. At one point, my son pointed out that a Ford truck had pulled into the water gun washing place and made a comment about how there were lots of trucks like that in the United States. When he finished vacuuming the back seats and floor of the car I told him to go get the mats and put them back in while I vacuumed the front seats and floor. I was digging garbage out from under the driver’s seat when I saw the Ford truck pull out of the water gun shelter. As I was putting two handfuls of trash into the bin, I noticed that he had stopped, and I thought for a second that my mats were maybe in his way, and he was maneuvering around them to not run them over. Then I watched him drive away, and saw that the mats weren’t there. I asked my son if he had picked them up, but no, he had only taken the two mats for the back seat. I looked up and watched the Ford truck speed off down the road and said, “That guy just stole our mats.” My son was confused, but we abondoned the vacuuming and jumped in the car to chase after him, but he had a head start and could have turned off anywhere, so it wasn’t much of a chase, unfortunately. We returned to the car wash, just to be sure that they weren’t there, the whole time, all I could say was, “Why would anyone steal car mats?”

Seriously, why would anyone steal car mats? A few thoughts: Let’s assume, since he was also in a Ford, (my car is a Ford), that the car mats would fit in floor of his truck. Still…why would you steal someone’s car mats? Does he need an extra set of car mats? Is there a black market for 14 year old car mats that I’m not aware of? Are my car mats being sold on the internet already? Who the fuck steals car mats? I steal things. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the lure of a good book or maybe a pint glass or whatever. I got arrested for stealing Pearl Jam cds from an FNAC in Paris. But used, rubber car mats? I’ve had a bike stolen, and am thinking now of a ghost I know who had her bike stolen recently. I know that feeling of looking at every bike, thinking, Is that my bike? That feeling of being robbed. The unfairness of it. But it’s hard to feel that way when it’s two fucking dirty rubber car mats. Who would steal them? Also, it’s highly unlikely that my car mats actually DO fit on the floor of his truck. Which makes it even more difficult to understand. It’s impossible to understand on any level. Except of course, that the person is mentally sick. Some kind of cleptomaniac with deep psychological problems, probably due to abuse by his parents, siblings and friends as a child. I imagine him driving away, pumped by the thrill of his diabolical crime. He probably masterbated when he got home, and blew his dirty spunk onto my poor car mats. There is no place in a civilized society for people like this. Seriously, why would anyone steal car mats?

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