Armistice Day

Are my wide eyes shut
Open or wild
Sky or ceiling
In the black before my eyes?

Am I looking inside
Trying to decide
Roll the dice or reconcile
How deep do I have to dive

To find a disguise?
You're not it
But it's not me
So what the fuck is happening?

Am I that beast
That burden in your heart
Am I too deep in the dark
Of the sea to see?

There is no no nothing free
A pause a comma has its fee
Is it only questions now
To punctuate all that'll be

Left to bleed
The life out of we
Two beasts too far deep
To see the light

Of music rolling
In with the sea?
Somewhere in the house
Yellow stars late evening

And you're drifting
Off to sleep
Staring at the ceiling
Or the inside of your eyes

Or the sky
And the stars are the greatest
Thing you'll never see
And they're there for you

And me
And we
And the sky
And the sea
And the ceiling
And the evening
And the bleeding
And the music
And you
You are

I lay down
My arms
And surrender
To peace

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