…upon a time, I didn’t have a guitar. In 2017, my class gave me a guitar for Christmas. I had never played a guitar and had no idea where to begin. I ended up watching YouTube videos for beginner guitar players. I found a guy named Andy Guitar, who has a whole set of lessons, and I started learning a little bit. But not very much. I found out very quickly that playing the guitar is difficult and takes a lot of time and practice, and I didn’t really have the time or patience, and I also discovered that I’m just not very good. Even now, almost four years later, I’m genuinely very terrible at playing the guitar.

But I do believe in the beauty and power in the art of music. So, I keep banging away at it. Making noise. Riding the vibrations. Feeling the words. Some of it starts to approach music, sometimes.

I started learning this song about three years ago, and it was and still is way beyond my skill level. But I think its a beautiful, powerful piece of art, and it means alot to me. Glen Hansard is reuniting with Marketa Irglova to celebrate 15 years since their movie Once showcased their talent and connection and Falling Slowly won the Oscar for best song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YAKOnt68D8 https://iamur.one/glen-hansard-marketa-irglova-on-tour/

Time flies. I played the cards too late. Now you’re gone.

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