The Drive

I took a drive today. Wow, that was a big fight. It seems I’m incapable of speaking to people without making them mad. It’s a sad situation. So, I get in my car and drive. Fast. Then I saw the plane and things seemed ok . Just ok.

Here’s a random song about driving fast away from a bad situation. It sounds so much better on the highway at 130 km/h in the rain:

And here is Eddie Vedder’s new song. This is the third time of probably 10,000 that I’ll listen to it. Right now, though, I’m not sure what it’s about, except that it sounds nice on a rainy car drive:

And here’s another song that I love that I heard on my drive away from everything. I only recorded a part of it because it’s dangerous to drive, drink, smoke, sing and record a video all at the same time. As you can see, I was almost hit by a plane:

Watch out for the plane! We could be us, for ever and ever.

Here’s me singing that song sometime a long time ago, but it’s still the same:

And, well, I could go on and on, but I tend to say too much, so I’ll leave it there. Enjoy the random music. It’s good music. I drove around for a couple hours and felt better, but I wish talking to me didn’t make people crazy mad, because I would really like to talk to someone.

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