I knew I would feel like this.I felt I would knowThings should have been betterThan thisMy perception thenIs reality nowYou can’t lose Something you never had No matter how closeYou cameTo have and to holdTill death do us partI could feel it comingBeyond the sensesThis feeling of lossHopeless desireBehind a windowClear but you can’t seeInContinue reading “Clairvoyant”

Running in the Rain

Running in the rainOne of my favorite thingsWriting haikus, tooThe rhythm of wordsThe sound of raindrops fallingWind blowing wet leavesCounting muddy stepsHeartbeat beat, listen, breathe deepGrey sky, cool clean airDog barks, foot falls, birdsAll deeper, darker, farther As the pouring rainWashes me awayCleansing my world of worryWatering my mind Running in the rain Rhythm andContinue reading “Running in the Rain”

Book Review : Witch Light

By Susan Fletcher From the back cover: “1692, Corrag, a wild young girl living in the mountains of Scotland, has been imprisoned as a witch. Terrified, in a cold, filthy cell, she awaits her fate of death by burning – until she is visited by Charles Leslie, an Irishman, hungry to question her. For CorragContinue reading “Book Review : Witch Light”