Book Review: The Slap

By Christos Tsiolkas From the back cover: “At a suburban barbecue one afternoon. A man slaps an unruly boy. It’s a single act of violence. But this event reverberates through the lives of everyone who witnesses it happen.” The structure of the book is intriguing, and really puts the focus on the “lives of everyoneContinue reading “Book Review: The Slap”

Venus and the Moon

The beautiful goddess of loveAnd the master of ocean tidesMeet in an early summer sky. Everything blurs. It’s so hard to see. Clearly.Gravity pulls. A connection builds. The crescent moon, waxing, master of ocean tides, a fingernail in the sky. Like an eye, open wide, gazing at distant Venus, the silver shimmering goddess of love.Continue reading “Venus and the Moon”

Butterfly III

A cold cloudy dayHiding in the bottom ofA beer can againMy despondancyGaining weight each sleepless nightWage war on myselfFight to find the lightRun uphill through the cold fogWind song in tree leavesAttuned to a soulMy butterfly comes againA dream floating pastI missed you my friendDance with me now on this pathForgive my failuresFly into theContinue reading “Butterfly III”